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Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Higher Education Act of 1965 (as amended) requires each student to be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to be eligible for federal and state financial aid programs.  All students enrolled in 600 hour programs or greater, whether or not they receive federal aid, are required to maintain SAP.

Satisfactory Progress

To successfully complete a full-time program at Greene County Career Center, students must maintain satisfactory academic progress requirements.  Satisfactory progress is measured by two criteria, qualitative (academic progress and technical/skill performance) and quantitative (attendance).

Academic Progress

The instructor evaluates academic progress on a term basis.  Periodic student/instructor conferences and /or timely grade reports keep the student informed of his/her progress.  The following grade scale applies to the Peace Officer Basic Training Academy
   Any grade above 70% is consider passing
   Below 70% = Unsatisfactory
To maintain satisfactory progress, a student must achieve a minimum of 70% cumulative average each term.  Failure to achieve a minimum standard may result in probation or dismissal from the program.   A failed course hours will not go towards the quantitative calculation of attempted hours.


Each student has primary responsibility for tracking individual absences and tardiness.  Every student is expected to establish a 100% attendance record that will be an asset when applying for a job.  Students are expected to arrive on time and stay until the end of the class. All arrivals after the designated starting time will be classified as a partial absence.  Leaving early will also be considered a partial absence.  Partial absences will be computed in real time, and are factored into the attendance requirement.  Doctors’ visits and other appointments should be scheduled outside of class time.  If a student must miss school because of illness or other emergency, follow program specific requirements for procedures regarding notification and documentation. Attendance is reviewed daily by the commander.  The following are the Adult Education general minimum standards.  Specific standards for the Peace Officer Basic Training also apply.
1. The minimum attendance requirement to maintain satisfactory progress is 93% for the term and for the overall program.  A student may miss no more than 7% of the scheduled clock hours per term.
2. A student whose absences exceed 7% of the scheduled term hours at the first evaluation point (mid-point of each term) will receive an attendance notice for the remainder of the term.
3. If the student’s absences continue to exceed 7% of the scheduled term hours at the second evaluation point (the end of the first term) he/she will receive a Standards of Progress Warning.  This Warning will serve as a pre-dismissal notice.
4. Subsequent attendance evaluation will then occur at the mid-point and end of each successive term.
5. Students who do not meet the satisfactory standards of progress for two successive evaluation points will be dismissed from the program and must file an appeal for reinstatement (see Appeals/Reinstatement below).
Note:  The Greene County Career Center reserves the right to deviate from the above policy in cases where absences are so excessive at any evaluation point that the student cannot mathematically achieve a 93% attendance average for the term or for the program. Students who are not meeting minimum attendance/grade requirements at the time financial aid is scheduled for disbursement will not be eligible for those disbursements until satisfactory progress requirements have been met.  If the student does not reestablish satisfactory progress within his/her probationary period, financial aid will not be disbursed and the student will be responsible for payment of all tuition and fees for the applicable term(s).
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